The town is also a hub of traditional Balti culture and offers a unique blend of traditional and modern way of living.

Skardu is a beautiful sightseer destination located in the northern areas of Pakistan. We known for its stirring geographies, towering mountains, demitasse-clear lakes, and friendly locals. There are several places to visit in Skardu that offer unique gests and openings for out-of-door conditioning. Then are some of the stylish places to visit in Skardu.

1. Shangrila Resort: This is a beautiful resort located on the banks of the Lower Kachura Lake. The views of girding mountains and demitasse-clear waters of the lake. Callers can enjoy voyaging, fumbling, and other water sports conditioning, as well as explore the near Shangrila Village.

2.Satpara Lake This is a natural lake located at an altitude of 2,636 measures above ocean position. As the girdled by snow- limited mountains and is a popular spot for fishing and voyaging. Callers can also take a hike to the near Satpara Dam, which offers panoramic views of the vale.

3. Kachura Lake: This is another beautiful lake located in Skardu. It knowns for the demitasse-clear waters and scenic views of the girding mountains. Callers can enjoy voyaging and fumbling, as well as explore the near Kachura Village.

4.Deosai National Park:This is a high- altitude table located at an altitude of 4,114 measures above ocean position. It’s known for its different wildlife, including Himalayan brown bears, ibex, and snow leopards. Callers can also enjoy camping, hiking, and touring in the demesne.

5.Skardu Fort This is a major stronghold located in the heart of Skardu. It was erected in the 8th century and is known for its unique armature and major significance. Callers can explore the stronghold and enjoy panoramic views of the girding mountains and denes.

Overall, Skardu is a beautiful destination that offers a range of conditioning and gests for callers. Whether you enjoy out-of-door conditioning, artistic disquisition, or simply relaxing in nature, Skardu has commodity for everyone.

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