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What are Foreign Exchange Reserves?

Foreign exchange reserves Relate to foreign means held by the State Bank of Pakistan. Foreign means comprise means that aren’t nominated in the domestic currency of the country. It’s a common practice in countries around the world for a central bank to hold a significant quantum of reserves in its foreign exchange. utmost of these reserves are held in the U.S $. since it’s the most traded currency in the world.

From (Aug-2018) To (Jan-2023)



  • Year 2019

Pakistan’s GDP growth in 2019 is 3.3{71223439438a435dfc6a75af2cf6a1dcc426a8fc42e96e3439d57b430cc56a45}



  • Year 2019-2020

In the 2020 due to COVID- 19 was passed but Government of Pakistan take effective way for growth of frugality, world appreciated the step taken by the government. The profitable impact of COVID- 19 depends on the pathway of the epidemic, on other side epidemic has put the whole world in a lockdown and changed the dynamics of ongoing and unborn profitable conditioning.

  • Year 2020


  • Year 2021


  • Year 2021-2022


  • Year 2022


  • Year 2022-2023

Nov 2022 to 2023


In 2022 Top 15 Countries by GDP

1. USA             : $20.89 Trillion
2. China           : $14.72 Trillion
3. Japan           : 5.06 Trillion
4. Germany      : $3.85
5. UK                : $2.67
6. India             : $2.66
7. France          : $2.63
8. Italy               : $1.89
9. Canada         : $1.64
10. South Korea : $1.63
11. Russia        : $1.48
12. Brazil          : $1.44
13. Australia     : $1.32
14. Spain          : $1.28
15. Indonesia    : $1.05


Dated 07, Feb 2023

Dollar in open market falls by Rs 3
Dollar in open market selling around Rs 280

Government of Pakistan Ministry of Commerce has allowed export of certain items to Afghanistan in Pak rupees.

Policy-level talks with IMF begin today

Ready Gold Rate

199,400 B
199,900 S

999 Refined Gold

199,300 B
International rate 1866


22 Feb, 2023

Pak Suzuki Motor increase car prices within a month.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) raises car prices within a month. The new rates will effect from 21st Feb, 2023

The company had earlier hiked prices on 9th Feb, 2023 in the range of PKR 175,000 -350,000.

The price of Suzuki Alto has been increased in the range PKR. 100,000 to PKR.144,000.

ModelIncrease in Range
Suzuki Wagon RPKR. 185,000 To PKR. 215,000
Suzuki CultusPKR. 214,000 To PKR.251,000
Suzuki SwiftPKR. 245,000 To PKR 263,000


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