Top 10 Fort in Pakistan

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Top 10 Forts in Pakistan

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas Fort is one of the largest castles in Asia, Pakistan. It was constructed by notorious king Sher Shah Suri in 1547 announcement. It’s positioned in Dina Town near Jhelum megacity. The stronghold is known for its large protective walls and several monumental gateways. UNESCO declared this impenetrable fort to its list of World Heritage Site in 1997. Rohtas Fort is “ exceptional illustration of Muslim military armature of Central and South Asia.”

Derawar Fort

Derawar stronghold near Bahawalpur was erected by the Hindu sovereign . A homage to Rawal Deoraj Bhatti, the autonomous king of the Jaisalmer and Bahawalpur region. chroniclers suggest large square fort was originally called Dera Rawal. Which latterly turned to Dera Rawar and also Derawar. The walls of stronghold are 30 measures high and have a circumference of 1500 measures. The stronghold has gained new set up fame in the recent times as camping in the Cholistan has come rather popular among the adventure campaigners.

Ranikot Fort

Ranikot Fort famously known as “ The Great Wall of Sindh ”. It’s located in the Jamshoro quarter, a talismanic wonderland erected in 836 announcement. The dilapidated Ranikot Fort which is gradationally getting one of the popular sightseer lodestones in Pakistan. The vast stronghold complex is located on a hilly area and has several gates are still in good condition.

Ranikot is on Google Maps

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is most emotional stronghold in Hunza Valley. it was erected about 700 years ago, rooms and amenities were added to the emotional structure on hilltop. till 1945, this literal stronghold is Primary hearthstone of Mirs, latterly moved To yet another spectacular castle down hill over enterprises that the stronghold had begun to decay. the ancient Baltit Fort was erected as a part of the dowry of a queen.

Altit Fort

Altit Fort, an ancient fort, was erected in the Hunza in the 11th century. It’s a great place to explore the history of the region. Altit means loftiest point.

Shahi Qila

Shahi Qila

Lahore Fort one of finest armature. The stronghold’s Alamgiri gate is part of an ensemble of structures which along with Badshahi Mosque, Roshnai Gate and Samadhi of Ranjit Singh. Minar-e-Pakistan and Iqbal Park are conterminous to the northern boundary of a stronghold. Fort was erected by Emperor Humayun lost it to battle with Sher Shah Suri get who set up his defenses then before moving to Delhi with forces.

Attock Fort

Attock fort

Khawaja Shamsuddin Khaafi oversaw the construction of Attock Fort at Attock Khurd during the reign of Akhber from 1581 to 1583 to guard the Indus River’s passage. After the partition of India, the Pakistan army took control of the stronghold. it came the headquarters of the 7th division of the Pakistan Army in 1956.

Shigar Fort

shigar fort

Shigar Fort:

Is located in Baltistan, Pakistan. unique heritage conservation design. Callers can witness the armature of the 17th century Raja stronghold- the palace opened as a guesthouse in 2005. A ferocious six- time restoration carried out by the Aga Khan Cultural Service Pakistan brought the original 400- time-old structure back to life.

Sangni Fort

Sangni fort

The stronghold has four fortifications of the nearly equal periphery with stairs that reach to the top of fortifications to cover the stronghold and its surroundings. It has three arched entrances from all directions. The hemispherical pate rests on a square structure, decorated with four minarets.

Ramkot Fort

ramkot fort

During excavations bones from the 5th & 9th-century announcement has been discovered near the tabernacle. In the 16th and 17th centuries announcement Muslim sovereign of Kashmir safe guarding their boundaries erected multitudinous castles. Ramkot at the convergence of the swash Jhelum & Poonch is one of them. The Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir further fortified Ramkot. it’s located contrary side of Mirpur city


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