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Lufthansa IT failure passengers are badly affected,
thousands of passengers stranded worldwide.
Lufthansa had grounded all of its flights


German airline Lufthansa has blamed construction work on a rail line in Frankfurt for a major IT failure that has affected its operations worldwide.

Sources said repair work would continue until Wednesday afternoon, citing information received from German telecom operator Deutsche Telekom. expects flight operations to stabilize by early evening.



Elon Musk made the ‘CEO’ of Twitter a dog
New CEO of twitter

Musk tweeted a picture of his pet dog “Floki” sitting on the company’s CEO’s chair, with the caption: “The new CEO of Twitter is amazing.”


Tweet For CEO

“So much better than that other guy!” he added. Musk later said that the dog is “great with numbers!” and “has style.”


Turkey and Syria-Death toll has exceeded 40,000, while the damage from the earthquake $84 billion
Turkey and Syria has exceeded 40,000

thousands of People killed in the February 6 earthquake in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 40,000, while the damage from the earthquake in both countries is estimated at 84 billion dollars.

According to foreign media, more than 37 thousand 400 people have died in Turkey and more than 5 thousand 800 people have died in Syria. Hopes of getting people out alive buried under the rubble of hundreds of collapsed buildings are fading.

According to the data of the United Nations agency UNICEF, 4.6 million children in Turkey and 2.5 million in Syria have been affected, some of them died, most of them were orphaned and many became homeless while facing shortage of milk and food items. Is
Thousands of people affected by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria have been forced to live under the open sky in severe cold. There is a shortage of food and drink in the earthquake-affected areas.

Turkey’s vice president said in a statement that rescue and search operations have been completed in Kilis and Åžanlıurfa provinces, while large-scale search and rescue operations have also been completed in Diyarbakır, Adna and Osmania regions. Officials of both countries have expressed fear of an increase in deaths.

On the other hand, the life hopes of the people buried under the mud are dying and the health department has expressed the fear of more deaths.
On the other hand, the United Nations has said that the picture of the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria is still unclear and the exact death toll has not been determined yet.


Petrol and diesel prices are expected to increase by more than 32 rupees per liter
Petrol and diesel prices are expected to increase

ISLAMABAD: The government is expected to increase the prices of petrol and diesel by more than Rs 32 per liter today.

The government is expected to increase the prices of petroleum products by 12.8 percent from tonight, with the new prices effective for the next 15 days of February.

Considering the value of the dollar against the rupee and the taxes levied on petroleum products, the price of petrol can be increased to PKR 32.07, high speed diesel to PKR 32.84 per litre. It can be as expensive as PKR 9.90 a liter.
Currently, the price of petrol is PKR 249.80 per liter, high speed diesel is PKR 295 per liter, kerosene is PKR 189.83 per liter and light diesel is PKR 187 per liter.

According to the dollar rate and the levy on it, the new price of petrol will be Rs 281.87, high speed diesel PKR 295.64, kerosene PKR 217.88 and light diesel PKR 196.90 per liter.






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